Seven (7) day forecast support

While the National Hurricane Center is not yet supplying/releasing forecast beyond 5 days, we expect they will within a few years. In anticipation of this we have modified the Hurrtrak system to support forecast positions out to 168 hour (7 days). The good news is while NHC may not be releasing day 6 and 7 forecast yet, you have the option of manually entering extended forecast information (from other sources, such as forecast models) in 2019. This includes utlization of the "what if" capability of the system. Look at the series of images below to better understand how to do this.

Watch a short YouTube video on this new feature by clicking here.


Five day forecast track for Florence (click on images for a larger view)


User can enter 144 and 168 hour forecast positions and max wind into the official forecast


The result is an extended track out to 7 days.


This then allows impact reports to be generated for the extended outlook.


It also impacts other reports and graphics.


An alternative option is to use the "WHAT IF" forecast capability of the Hurrtrak system (rather than changing the official forecast above)


What if forecast can be created with day 6 and day 7 position and wind speed data.


What if forecast track out to 7 days.


This allows the impact report to be created.


Other graphics and reports are impacted by using the "WHAT IF" forecast.