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PC Weather Products, is a market leader in the design, development and delivery of Hurricane tracking, analysis and planning software.  We have worked with experts in the Disaster Planning, Emergency Management and Insurance Industry to develop HURRTRAK RM/Pro for Windows...a product designed for the professional whose work demands the highest level of information possible regarding hurricanes and their impact.  Features like Advanced Wind Estimation, Zip Code Impact Reporting, sophisticated Historical Analysis, the SLOSHView Inundation capability and the ability to export wind band data to other GIS systems, make this an essential tool for the professional who simply wants the "best".  In addition, HURRTRAK RM/Pro  interfaces with HURRTRAK-ONLINE service (additional yearly charge) which provides the latest storm information and forecast data on a real time basis...eliminating the need for data entry.

Hurrtrak RM/Pro also include Severe Weather Alerting and Notification capabilities. These capabilities add the ability to notify via email or "desktop" pop-ups when severe or damaging weather is approaching.

PC Weather Products provides products and services to a wide range of business and government customers. Our Hurricane Tracking and Analysis Systems have assisted emergency planning professionals around the world for years.

Now, PC Weather Products is pleased to announce HURRTRAK-RM/Pro 2024

It includes all of the features of HURRTRAK- EM/Pro... (click here to examine the extended capabilities of EM/Pro)

PLUS the capabilities to:

Advanced Wind Estimation (AWE)

More accurate wind speed / damage estimates by taking into account surface friction.  Reduces errors from 50% to 15%.

SLOSH Storm Surge Inundation Analysis 

"Expert Ease" On a daily basis, our chief meteorologist will discuss, via video update, current tropical conditions as well as what is likely to occur in the near term. His observations are integrated within the Hurrtrak program throughout the Atlantic Hurricane season.

"Enhanced Hurricane Watches and Warnings" The National Weather Service / Hurricane Center is improving the depiction of wind watches and warnings... and adding in 2018, accurate Storm Surge watches and warnings.
"Potential Tropical Cyclones" This year the National Weather Service (NWS) will have the option to issue advisories and watches & warnings for disturbances that are not yet tropical cyclones, but which pose the threat of bringing tropical storm or hurricane conditions to land areas within 48 hours.
"Enhanced Storm Surge Probabilities" – Severe Weather Watch & Warning Alerting allows the user to quickly receive notifications when severe weather threatens any set of locations. Alerts are delivered via email or shown on the "desktop".
"Observed Storm Report" – A new report that list the local storm reports for a specified time period and area.  As with all Hurrtrak reports... this report can easily be shared with others via email.
"Warnings Report" – A new report that list the active tornado and thunderstorm warnings for a specified area.  As with all Hurrtrak reports... this report can easily be shared with others via email.
"Severe Weather Alerting System" – Severe Weather Watch & Warning Alerting allows the user to quickly receive notifications when severe weather threatens any set of locations. Alerts are delivered via email or shown on the "desktop".
"Storm Report Notification and Alerting" – This feature alerts users when a storm is reported (on the ground).  Alerts can be configured for any location or set of locations and delivered on the "desktop" or via email.
"Observed Weather Notifications" – Similar to the 2 items above, this feature will send out alerts when any official weather station observes a severe weather conditions.  i.e. heavy thunderstorm, hail, damaging wind reports.  Again... alerts are sent out via Email or shown on the desktop.
"Point and Click GFS forecast and report" – Within the observation module you can now show forecast generated by the US Model (GFS) in both textual and digital form.  In addition, a summary report can be generated for a set of locations giving the user a quick view of forecasted conditions for sites they monitor.

"Forecast Wind Trend" – Forecast wind trend indicates the change in a location’s forecast wind from the prior forecast advisory and is extremely helpful in quantifying the effect of a newly released forecast from the National Hurricane Center (or JTWC). This information will be included on all location impact type reports as well as the risk analysis function and the narrative impact statement.

"Higher elevation wind estimation" – In addition to estimating winds near ground level the system also allows you to estimate winds at different elevation levels. For example, you can estimate winds on top of a high rise building or on top of a rig, power lines, etc.. This is especially useful if you need to consider assets at elevations other than 33 feet (the default for the system). new4.gif (918 bytes)

"Desktop Rebuild" – The Hurrtrak system will “remember” the graphics, reports and animations created/viewed for a storm, and recreate them automatically when reloading or when storm data is updated.  Items automatically rebuilt include ALL of the tracking charts and the options displayed on them.

"Current Weather/Depiction" – Examine current observations for all official weather stations, NOAA operated coastal stations, Buoys, Oil Rigs, Ship Reports and observed storm reports (over 5000 stations). Data includes Wind Speeds, Wave Heights, Pressure, Ocean Temperatures, Air Temperature, Dew Points and Local Storm Reports.

"Watches/Warnings" – The system is now able to determine whether individual locations are included within NHC/NWS issued hurricane and tropical storm watches and warnings. This is displayed graphically and also included on all location based reports. These include the EZ-report, Location Wind Profile, County Wind Profile, Zip Code Wind Profile, Executive and Risk-Impact reports. .

EZ Map Enables both new and seasoned users to be more productive immediately. Press a button, and the system generates a tracking map for a current storm with all of the most common plot options. Choose from a default to user specific options.

EZ Report Designed for new users, but useful for everyone. Simply supply a valid US address (street address, city-state, zip code) and the system generates an informative report for that single location.  Just click on the "EZ" button, supply an address and you have your report... Boom! 

Data Layering - The ability to easily view/hide different data layers.
More Maps! - We have added a few more topo/relief type maps to the system.
Simplified Google Earth Selection and Output - With just one click , you can create a collection of Google Earth output and bundle them into one file.... and, you can either save it as a file, save it to the EMail Outbox for later EMailing.  EMail it immediately or initiate a Google Earth session.  In addition, Google Earth files can now be automatically generated an Emailed when new data arrives on a current storm.
Redesigned EMail Alerts - In 2011 we have simplified the creation and execution of EMail Alerts.  We have also added a new EMail Alert type called a Location Group Alert.
Revamped Automatic Summary Reports - We have also simplified the definition and execution of Automatic Summary Reports.  In addition, we have added a new Automatic report... Risk/Impact report..    
New Automation - In 2011 we have added a whole new category of Automation outputs.. they include, Tracking Maps, Google Earth KML/KMZ, EXCEL and Shape File output.  These output files can either be saved as a file and/or emailed.
Enhanced Usability  - A recent "facelift" provides greater use of command and toolbars as well as ease in selection of maps and satellite images.
Multiple EMail Attachments - For anyone who emails information from the Hurrtrak system.. and who doesn't...  this is a welcome time saving addition which allows the user to send multiple application outputs in a single email.
Interactive Wind Speed Forecast - Just “point & click” on a tracking map and display forecast wind speeds for desired location.
Risk/Impact Tab- New tab displays the Risk/Impact information, along with a wind speed/ direction graph for all your base locations.
Risk/Impact Reporting - New report displays the Risk/Impact information, along with a wind speed/ direction graph for any set of locations.
Application "Skins" - Personalize your system's look and feel by using different application color and font schemes or "skins" with the Hurrtrak Application.
sloshrpt.gif (19189 bytes) SLOSH Inundation location reports.  This allows the user to analyze specific locations to determine the storm surge flooding potential.
AWE Wind Pattern graphic which shows the Advanced wind pattern field around the storm.
Animated Wind Pattern graphic.  Same idea as above but now it can be animated.  
Zip Code Wind Thematic.  Similar to the county wind thematic except at a much more detailed level of zip code..
"Executive" Style Impact Summary Reports.
Point and Click Reports.

Tray Alert Messaging - We found that Hurrtrak users busy at their workstations desired a way to be alerted to new and changing conditions in the tropics. No problem! In 2009 we are introducing a "tray alert messaging" (TAM) system. TAM notifies our users, via pop-up tray messages, of several noteworthy conditions including: the formation of new storms, storm strengthening or weakening, the issuance of watches or warnings, updated storm data, issuance of the last advisory, new tropical weather outlooks or new tropical disturbance statements.

Storm Surge Probabilities - The Hurrtrak system has the ability to display…both graphically and through reports, storm surge probabilities for 2' - 25’. This combined with enhanced SLOSH information, provides users with the most detailed storm surge information available.

Narrative Impact Statements - In addition to the summary and detailed impact reports, in 2009 we have added the ability to show a "computer AI generated" narrative description of the impact to a location. This can be viewed for the base location, any location in a summary impact report and/or in the auto generated summary report. Both standard and "executive" formats are available.

"True" Pan and Zoom mapping in SloshView - Pan & Zoom capabilities to the Slosh display program. This allows the user to select a different map region to analyze without having to "reset" the map and redefine the storm surge parameters.
Location plot font control - In the 2009 version, users have the option to select the font type, color, and size used to plot a location on a tracking chart. The color can be controlled by location groups or individual location... thus enabling the user to "highlight" critical locations on a map.
Tropical Disturbance Statements - Tropical disturbance statements will now be part of the Hurrtrak Online data stream and displayed in the Hurrtrak system.
Multiple "undo" levels - Enhancements to the user interface now include the ability to undo multiple plotting layers.  
Average Forecast Error Enhancements - We have added the ability to plot the 72 and/or 120 hour forecast average error.
Forecast Model Selection Enhancements - Users can now be more selective of which forecast models to plot.  (Selection is by type and time period.)
Enhanced Risk Alert - Both wind probability and wind probability trend have been added to the  risk alert table.
Executive Summary Report Enhancements -  The executive summary report is now more flexible than ever before and includes optional narrative impact statements, wind probabilities and storm surge probabilities (for coastal locations).
Native Google Earth support.  In addition to the graphics interface above, this function export KML (Google Earth's native language) that represents a significant number of a storm's observed and forecast parameters.
Expanded Google Earth Information.  In addition to the LARGE amount of hurricane information that the user is able to export from the HURRTRAK system, you can also superimpose National Weather Service information on the same Google Earth “image”.

Damage Comments.  The summary impact report which details expected wind speeds for locations has a damage comment column which describes the likely damage using either the Saffir-Simpson scale or a modified Texas Tech University scale 

Integration with Google Earth.  This function provides the ability to export just about all of the system graphics and display them on Google Earth. 
Support of National Hurricane Center Wind Probabilities
Utilize a 30 meter Slosh Elevation database.  This allows for detailed SLOSH Inundation Analysis
Multi-colored wind arrows showing the storm's wind vectors.
Additional Extensive reporting capabilities   
805s.gif (1179 bytes) Overlay past storm tracks on the same chart as a current storm.
806as.gif (1114 bytes) Utilize an extensive historical analysis system which includes data from 1851 to 2023. It allows the user to search for storms by Name, Year, Intensity and Location (i.e. all storms in the past 75 years that passed within 27 miles of Miami, FL in the month of September). It will then allow the user to depict the selected storm tracks as well as display highly detailed storm data.

Customer Comments

(requires Hurrtrak Online)

Global Tracker RMPRO 2024
(requires Hurrtrak Online Global)

Network versions and site licenses are available for the above products (call for pricing)

System requirements:
Windows  7 or greater
Pentium based processor or greater
6 GB RAM, CD-ROM Drive
10 GB available hard disk space

Hurrtrak EM/Pro
Hurrtrak Advanced


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